There's a few graphics demo programs and utilities here from back in the days I used to write windows software, I have no idea if they still work. Most of the graphics tools I've since rewritten in one form or another, will package them up and post some day.



Fractured: A fractal exploration tool

fractured screenshot This is really out of date, try here instead

Fractal graphing utility, used to make all my fractal images here.
This is a work in progress and there is no online help but I'm making it available here as a technical demo.

The parameters window on the right allows selection of fractal formulae, colouring algorithms and editing of their input parameters.
The [Draw] button begins rendering of the fractal image.
Click on the main display window and drag the selection rectangle to zoom in on a section.
Holding down shift while dragging allows the selection rectangle to be moved instead of sized.
Holding down control while dragging allows the selection rectangle to be rotated.
Right click a point in the display window to view the Julia Set at that point in the preview window.
Right click the preview window and select Apply to set the parameters of the previewed fractal to the main window.
The colour markers in the gradient palette can be dragged with the mouse, dragging over the trash can deletes them.
To edit a colour, click on the line below the position marker.
To edit the end colours, click the end of the gradient you wish to edit.
To add a colour, click on a free spot in the gradient.



3d L-System Model Viewer

3d L-System Viewer screenshot Edit and display graphical interpretations of Lindenmayer Systems in 3d.
A utility I wrote to learn more about L-Systems and 3d graphics programming with OpenGL.
Based on ideas presented in the book "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants" by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz and Aristid Lindenmayer, which is available free online here.
Also a work in progress.

How to use:

  • Select an entry to display and press the [Draw] button to generate and display it.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the view
  • Use the up and down arrows to move the view forward and back
  • Use the page-up/page-down keys to move the view up and down.



Timetable Formatter

Creates formatted printable timetables from your La Trobe University class timetable data.
Imports CSV files generated from the personal timetable or timetable search pages when you choose the "Download as a CSV file (Excel) (Ordered by Unit)" option at the "Select Output Format" prompt.

Here's what the output looks like:

timetable screenshot



 Timer Service - Time & Date Utilities

A set of time & date related utilities. Runs as a service in the systray.
Right-click the clock icon to access features.
There is no documentation or online help available yet, sorry.
This is a beta release and probably has a few bugs, If you find any please let me know by email.
(tested only on Windows 2000 and XP)

Timer Service: schedule tasks, reminders, alarms at specific dates & times or regular intervals.
Replacement for windows task scheduler with more features and control over timer trigger conditions.
Actions can be set to run invisibly in the background.

Actions available on timer are:
  • Run programs or open documents.
  • Play audio files (alarm clock).
  • Shutdown or restart computer.
  • Display a pop-up message window.
Stop Watch:
  • Stop-watch feature to start a timer, easily accessible from the system tray menu.
  • Opens as many timer windows as you want, each can be set to display above other windows.
  • Pause & restart timer.
Time Zone viewer:
  • Show times in as many different time zones as you like.
  • Compare times in defined time zone to time in any other selected zone.
  • Compare to current date/time or user selected date/time.
  • Calendar display with user-definable holidays and events.
  • Moon phases and sunrise/sunset times.
  • Victorian public holidays pre-defined.
  • Notes can be added to any day on the calendar
  • Correctly calculates dates for Easter based on equinox & full-moon.