This isn't a site with a clear purpose, just a random assortment of things I felt like posting or experimenting with, I mainly use it as a collection of links and a place to play around with web development.

2008-12-14 03:27:34 - Graphics Programs
There are two new programs available for download in the programs section, both graphics utilities which I made as personal coding projects. I'd consider them technical demos, they are works in progress and lacking proper documentation but fairly intuitive to use and can produce some pretty interesting visuals.

One is a fractal exploration tool with a number of built in fractal formulae and colouring algorithms and many options for tweaking their inputs and transforming their outputs.

The other is a 3d L-System Viewer. L-Systems are a type of iterative function system developed by Aristid Lindenmayer to model the process of plant growth. The program allows creation and editing of L-Systems and graphical display in 3d using OpenGL.
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