This isn't a site with a clear purpose, just a random assortment of things I felt like posting or experimenting with, I mainly use it as a collection of links and a place to play around with web development.

2012-10-07 09:58:51  Fractured: a web based fractal art studio app
Posting this new version of my Fractal software finally, it's taken up a lot of my spare time over the last couple of years, doing personal coding projects when you work full time certainly seems to take forever!

Requires WebGL capable browser and a somewhat decent graphics card.
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2010-03-09 07:41:54  Email moved to Google Apps
For all using email addresses I provided at this domain, mail services have been moved to google apps hosting. This means the email server will never go down and you can store up to 7gb of emails without having to delete any of your old mail. Sorry I couldn't keep the old mail server but it was getting unreliable and I would have needed to pay for more disk space.

Here's a link to the email login.
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2008-12-14 03:27:34  Graphics Programs
There are two new programs available for download in the programs section, both graphics utilities which I made as personal coding projects. I'd consider them technical demos, they are works in progress and lacking proper documentation but fairly intuitive to use and can produce some pretty interesting visuals.

One is a fractal exploration tool with a number of built in fractal formulae and colouring algorithms and many options for tweaking their inputs and transforming their outputs.

The other is a 3d L-System Viewer. L-Systems are a type of iterative function system developed by Aristid Lindenmayer to model the process of plant growth. The program allows creation and editing of L-Systems and graphical display in 3d using OpenGL.
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2008-03-05 23:05:34  La Trobe Uni timetable thingy
I cleaned up and uploaded a little program I wrote last year in a moment of boredom to print class timetables from the csv class data you can download at La Trobe uni. Lets you select lab and tutorial classes and view clashes etc. Here's a screen-shot of the end result:
timetable screenshot
If you go to La Trobe you might find it useful, download link is under programs. You can use it to create timetables without importing La Trobe data, but you would have to type in the entries manually.

Also, just another thing I've been playing with, the places feature works now, anyone can add locations by address and they will show on the map when clicked on.
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2007-07-25 12:48:21  Gallery / Comments
There is now an image gallery I made as an exercise in creating an online photo browser type thing with php/css/html. I added a heap of fractal images to the gallery, eventually I'll get round to putting some photos up. Also you can add comments and they will appear here. I've hardly told anyone about this site so it's kind of useless, well it was good for a bit of Php/MySQL practice.
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